Art Lessons for Kids

Years of teaching experience

I have taught visual art and creative writing at Creative Summer at The Mead School for 14 summers. This involves coming up with a class trajectory and daily lessons, working with groups of children of varying ages, and accommodating individuals' differing areas of special interest. 

I have also branched out to offer one-on-one art lessons to individual students. Working one-on-one allows me to really tailor each lesson to the student's own pace, unique goals, and mood of the moment.

Working with students invokes memories of my own learning joys and struggles, which I draw upon from the other side now as a teacher. I offer a caring and compassionate approach, encouraging each student to exercise patience, practice creative thinking, and explore his or her personal best.

What is it like working with you?

I focus on a skills-based approach to visual art. It's also important to me to check in on how the student feels while creating their art. Learning new skills can be frustrating, exhilarating, and every emotion in between. I like to bring a sense of humor whenever possible, to lighten the mood, to empathize, or just to get us laughing.

My own work can be categorized as representational art (as compared to abstract art), so I teach realism: trying to make things look like the things they are. Subtle details can be just as important as getting the overall shapes right.

What kind of art do you teach?

Here are some concepts and skills I teach:

Animal portraits
Illustrating a personal piece of writing
Graphite pencil work (sketching, line weight, shading)
Colored pencil
Watercolor painting
Mixed media
Developing a sketchbook
Oil painting
Still life
Working from a photograph
Researching photo reference

What are your rates?

One student: $40/hour
Two students: $60/hour

I recommend 1-hour lessons for students 10 and under and 1.5-hour lessons for students 10 and up. Over the years I've noticed a student's attention span increases as they grow up. A longer block of time allows them to ease into the work and get into a flow, which leads to the most productivity.

Where do you teach?

I teach students within a 45-minute drive of my home.

I currently live in Norwalk, CT.


E-mail Address: annalisa.schaefer at

Phone: (203) 939-7498

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